Questions And Answers

Why should I do business with Creative Leasing Solutions, INC. ?

The bottom line is this: most leasing companies tend to tell vendors that if their customer can breath on a mirror they will get them approved, they will have the approval in an hour, and they will get the lease signed the next day and pay you within an hour. Welcome to the real world. Nobody can approve junk. Even though good service is crucial, we believe the most important thing to you is more sales.

Our research shows that the majority of vendors use leasing after the sale. The customer either asks about financing after they make the decision to buy or they are complaining about the equipment cost and question if they can afford it. Leasing is used in both of these scenarios to salvage the sale. Our goal is to help you, the vendor, to generate additional sales. We will share with you techniques that will incorporate leasing into the entire sales process. We will start at the beginning of the sales process, which usually is your advertising. We will teach you how to use financing to attract new customers and leads. We will then share with you closing techniques using leasing.

Our primary goal is to assist you in generating and closing more sales. If we cannot do that, you do not need our services.

How long does it take to get an approval?

Typically transactions under $75,000 can be approved in 24-48 hours. Larger transactions will require financial disclosure, i.e. financial statements and tax returns, and are generally approved with in 2-3 days after receipt of the financial information we have requested.

When do I get paid

Upon notification of delivery and installation of your equipment we will issue your check within 48 hours.

Who handles all the paperwork?

We will handle all aspects of the lease. We will take care of all the credit investigation, approvals, and all necessary paperwork. This allows you to concentrate on sales.

What if the customer does not pay and the lease goes bad?

All transactions that are completed are done so on a non-recourse basis. The credit decision was not made by you, therefore, if the customer does not pay, that is our problem, not yours.

Can other things be included in the lease besides the equipment?

Absolutely. Soft cost such as sales tax, delivery, installation, etc., can usually be included in the lease payment.

Is it possible to lease to the Governments?

Yes. We have the capability to lease to Cities, Counties, Townships, Public School Districts and State Governments. This would include Fired Departments, Police Departments, State Universities and more. The equipment would include computer equipment, communications equipment, transportation equipment and more. We can also lease to the Federal Government. This would include customers such as the Armed Forces, Veteran's Administration, and US Postal Service, etc. Leasing to the Federal Government is big business and is on the rise.