Benefits Of Leasings

To You, The Vendor...

  • Create New Traffic
    Adding financing options for your potential customers will increase traffic and/or leads.
  • Increase Sales
    Selling a payment verses cost of equipment makes the decision for your customer much easier.
  • Quicker Payment
    Typically, payment on an invoice is considerably faster from us than your customer.
  • Overcome Budget Objections
    It is much easier for a customer to get a payment approved than a total equipment acquisition cost.
  • Fast Approvals
    Transactions submitted for $75,000 or less are typically approved in 24-48 hours.
  • Less Financial Disclosure
    Typically, a one-page credit application is all that is required.
  • Special Structuring
    Special programs such as skip payments, step payments, seasonal payments, etc. are available.
  • Municipal and Federal Leasing Programs are Available
    Leasing to Government is big business and is on the rise.

To Your Customer...

Income Is Generated By Use Of Equipment, Not By Ownership!

  • Conserve Capital
    Leave cash available for more profitable uses or simply in reserve.
  • 100% Financing
    No down payment is required. The soft costs, i.e. sales/use taxes, delivery, installation, training, etc., can also be included in the lease payment.
  • Longer Terms
    Equipment leases typically can be for a longer period of time than Conventional Bank Financing, affording lower payments.
  • Protect Bank Lines
    Leave bank lines available for other non-equipment uses.
  • New Source of Business Funds
    Establishes a new source of credit.
  • Tax Advantages
    In many cases, lease payments are 100% tax deductible and are treated as an expense. This results in substantial tax savings, affording a much lower cash outflow.
  • Fixed Payments
    Lease payments are fixed for the entire term of the lease contract. They do not float as with Conventional Bank Financing.
  • Ease of Budgeting
    Since lease payments are fixed, budgeting is much easier, as the payments in the future always remain the same.