Project Management and Consulting Services

We deliver Project Management consulting services assisting organizations in bridging the gap between organizational strategic intent and project management goals, also known as "strategic project management". Our goal is to empower you to make important strategic and operational decisions quickly and translate those decisions into actions.

Chief among our Project Management consulting services is Execution. Execution is the result of thousands of decisions made every day by employees acting according to the information they have and within their own self-interest. More precisely, successful project execution results from activities that are well planned, communicated, aligned from top-to-bottom, monitored, controlled, managed and rewarded. Hence strategic execution greatly benefits from effective and efficient project management approaches and disciplines.

How our project management consulting services improve strategic execution:

  1. Portfolio Management :-Organizes executive-level strategic direction into portfolios of project-based work; each prioritized, sequenced and resourced appropriately.
  2. Governance and Oversight :-Provides a methodology for tracking actual vs. estimated work effort, delivery of anticipated outcomes, budgetary and performance metrics, benefit realization and milestone-based funding gates.
  3. Project Management :- Recognized standard methodology and approach to organizing, planning, monitoring and controlling task-based work designed to deliver a specific outcome.
  4. Resource Management :-Track and report on organizational resources allocated to the strategic plan.
  5. Communications Management :-Information collection, formatting and dissemination from a "single source of truth".